What are the benefits?

  1. The page doesn't blinks, the menu and other repeating content remains fixed.
  2. Insert the menu only once in the main page.
  3. No need to copy repeating content, such as footer and header, insert it only once in the main page.
  4. No messing with Dreamweaver templates, no drawbacks of frames, no complexity with server-side programming.
  5. Best loading time.
  6. Ease of setup and updates.
  7. Ready-to-use, cross browser solution.

All typical Ajax problems have been fixed.

  1. SEO impact of dynamic or javascript links - fixed! The menu has simple HTML links, e.g. "/benefits.html", which search spyders can index.
  2. SEO impact of dynamic content - fixed! The Ajax website will look the same as the ordinary site for search engines.
  3. Browser back and forward buttons usually doesn't work with Ajax - fixed!
  4. No links to dynamic content, difficult bookmarking - fixed! Each dynamic page gets unique URL.
  5. No change of window/tab title on page with dynamic content - fixed! Each dynamic page gets proper title.
  6. Server load. No server-side code - no load on the server. We use only simple HTML.
  7. Security. No server-side code - no security problem.