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Disable The Active Content Converter

First of all you need to disable Active Content Converter !
Open the Preferences window, press "CTR + U"(Cmd+U on Mac OSX)
dreamweaver Preferences
Go to "Code Rewriting" ==> "Active Content"
Uncheck checkboxes as shown on the picture.
Our menus aren't require any additional solution for the problem ("Click to activate..." message).

Simple fix to other flash movies.

Use this simple solution to fix the IE 'Click to Activate' problem for another flash plugins on your page. Put the following code in the head of your page:

<script src=''></script>
add before your flash object <script> flashFix(' and after the object '); </script>
<script>flashFix('<object ...</object>');</script>//don't apply to our menus
Important! All in one line, without line breaks!
Example of correct code:

<script>flashFix('<object ... <param ... <param ... </object>');</script>

Example of incorrect code:

<script>flashFix('<object ... 
      <param ... 
      <param ... 

Of course, you can download the script right here and keep it on your server.