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flash menu worldwide Flash menu is a primary product of f-source.com. We have been producing Flash menus and Dreamweaver extensions for years and are experts in this work, constantly introducing innovative technology for our customers. Only f-source.com provides Search Engines Friendly Flash Menu, that you will find nowhere else real Search Engine Friendliness, where you can be confident that all menu links and captions will be read, and therefore all pages of the web site will be indexed by the search engines. As you may know, navigation menus have a crucial role in the indexing of your web site by search spiders. Our flash menus have navigation settings in the form of ordinary HTML links <a href="http://f-source.com">ButtonName</a>, which search engines like, but your visitors will see only impressive flash menu animation.

Navigation settings

Flash menu file by means of special technology reads HTML navigation settings and, on the basis of these links, creates the great-looking navigation you see. The ideal combination of flash animation effectiveness, web usability and accessibility to search engines. Any beginner in web site authoring can make most advanced navigation with our menu extensions. All you need is only a minimal knowledge of Dreamweaver and no knowledge whatsoever of Flash.

Choose one of ready-to-use menu extensions. Read instructions carefully and you will get impressive website navigation after few mouse clicks.

f-source is member of Adobe Community

Adobe iconAll our products are listed in Adobe Exchange only after comprehensive testing and approval by the Adobe Quality Assurance team. They have at least a 4-star rating and are very popular among developers.

Main advantages of flash menus from f-source.com:

- perfect, ready-to-use design that you can customize
- compact and fast loading
- tested on multiple browsers/platform
- search engines friendliness
- same look and behavior in all browsers/platform
- easy installation and configuration
- tested by Adobe Quality Assurance
- usability for your website visitors
- full support for paid customers


The most frequently asked question about flash menu is -
"What if the user does not have flash installed?".
Flash player is extremely widely used plug-in for browsers. 98% of web users already have it installed. Click Here to View Detail Survey from Macromedia. If they don't, installation of latest version of Flash Player will starts automatically

dreamweaver Dreamweaver menu extensions.

Macromedia Dreamweaver is a very popular application. Dreamweaver's popularity grows with each release. In fact, for many people, Dreamweaver is the only web design tool worth using. One of the main forces behind Dreamweaver's popularity has been its ability to combine powerful development capabilities with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Dreamweaver has become the industry standard, and it is the choice of a vast majority of professional developers and beginners. dreamweaver picAn important feature of that website development environment is its extensibility: the standard product can be enhanced and extended with custom 'extensions' to provide automated features that would otherwise not be available. Our extensions provide Dreamweaver with new features that gives you an ability to integrate flash menu on your web page with one click. You can easily set up the menu by Tag inspector and check the result by pressing "Play" button in the Properties inspector. Thus, you can use advantages of both Flash and Dreamweaver without any programming knowledge and get the perfect navigation menu on your web site.