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How to make XML driven flash menu?

With the new user interface it's very easy. Just set "Save as XML" as shown in the picture below.
UI => Navigation tab => Save => as XML in file
New XML file "navigation.xml" will be created. It will be placed in the menu folder.
The XML file contains nothing but the DIV id="menu", navigation structure with all links and captions of the menu.

xml menu navigation settings

To change the place for the XML file and other menu files, go to Position tab => Menu files placement => Files folder

XML menu setup in older version (without UI)

- Create XML file.
Create an empty file using any text/html editor.
Save the file with "xml" extension, for example: "navigation.xml"

- Copy your navigation settings in the XML file.
Copy the DIV with id='menu' from the page and paste it in the XML file.
It must contain nothing more than DIV with id='menu'. XML example:

<div id='menu'>

<div><a href=''>Button1</a></div>
  <div id='submenu'>
     <div><a href=''>SubButton1-1</a></div>
     <div><a href=''>SubButton1-2</a></div>
  <div><a href=''>Button2</a></div>

- Set up a menu to take the navigation settings from the XML file.

XML flash menu Upload the XML to your server. Set the path to the XML in Tag Inspector, using parameter xml_Path.
The xml_Path value can be relative (navigation.xml) or absolute