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Dreamweaver extensions

all dreamweaver extensions Buy all menus in one bundle for very low price. Save time and money, 22 dreamweaver extensions for only $59. Choose from a wide range of well-designed flash menus (each menu is separate dreamweaver extension),
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The UI will save your navigation settings as simple HTML links that completely SEO friendly.

Don't waste your time with tangled menu builders. Use opitimized, top-level, ready-to-use menus. Each extension exemplifies good flash design and functionality. Free download flash menus.

These dreamweaver extensions are accessible from Insert > Media > [Menu Name] (for example: Adobe style menu).

Available menus sorted by type:

Menu Type Menu Name
Drop Down Menu Bar
100% Width Span Menu
Horizontal Menu Bar
Accordion/Sliding Menu
Vertical Flyout Menu

Adobe Style Menu. Multi-level Drop down menu.

Adobe Style Menu

Yahoo! Style Menu Bar. Multi-level Drop down menu.

Yahoo Style Menu

iPhone Style Accordion Menu.

iPhone Style Menu

Multicolor Web Menu - Dreamweaver extension.

Multicolor Web Menu

Live Style Menu. 100% width horizontal menu.

Live Style Menu

Classic Accordion Menu. Dreamweaver extension.

Classic Accordion Menu

Vista navigation bar. Extension for Dreamweaver.

Vista navigation bar

Business Style Accordion Menu for Dreamweaver.

Business Style Accordion Menu

Orange Drop Down Menu - Dreamweaver extension.

Orange Drop Down Menu

EDGE Style Dynamic Menu - Dreamweaver extension.

EDGE Style Dynamic Menu

Ruby Red Menu for Dreamweaver.

Ruby Red Menu

Business Drop Down Menu - Dreamweaver extension.

Business Drop Down Menu

Macromedia Style Menu - Dreamweaver extension.

Macromedia Style Menu

Vista Drop Down Menu - Dreamweaver extension.

Vista Drop Down Menu

Mac Style Menu - Dreamweaver extension.

Mac Style Menu

Yahoo Style Accordion Menu for Dreamweaver.

Yahoo Style Accordion Menu

Cubic Menu - Dreamweaver extension.

Cubic Menu

Business Style Menu - Dreamweaver extension.

Business Style Menu

Vista Vertical Flyout Menu - Dreamweaver extension.

Vista Vertical Flyout Menu

Metallic Menu - Dreamweaver plugin.

Metallic Menu

Vista Sliding Menu - Dreamweaver plugin.

Vista Sliding Menu

Flat Vertical Menu - Dreamweaver extension.

Flat Vertical Menu

Menu installation

extension manager We distribute flash menus in the MXP file format. To install Dreamweaver extension you will need Adobe extension manager. If you have Adobe Extension Manager installed, just double click on MXP file to start installation process. Close Dreamweaver before beginning installation.