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Using of international characters and special symbols

You can pass to a menu any symbols and characters by means of "escaping" or "encoding". For example you want to add some leading or ending spaces in a button captions to control of a button width. Just add %20.

(space) - %20
&(ampersand) - %26
©(copyright) - %A9
®(registered) - %AE
™(trademark) - %E2%84%A2
€(euro) - %E2%82%AC
£(pound) - %C2%A3
°(degree) - %C2%B0
If you are using complicated links with &(ampersand) replace it with %26
&(ampersand) - %26 

The universal way to find any symbols you need

The method was tested even with Chinese and Japanese.
There is an easy way to find any characters and symbols. Just use your browser's address bar and google search.

Just insert in browser's address bar -
And take it from browser's address bar -

Your button code will look like this
<div><a href='...'>%D1%80%D1%83%D1%81%D1%81%D0%BA</a></div>

Use your native characters in XML

You can keep your navigation settings in the XML file. In this case, write your native characters as is. You only need to save the XML file in proper format. UTF-8 or something.

Learn how to use XML